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Step It Up Continues On...

Posted by The Step It Up Organizing Team on March 11th, 2008

This is the fourth is a series of posts catching up the blog since our return from Bali…

Many folks have been emailing and asking whether there’s going to be a Step It Up 2008.  Well, that’s really up to you…

No, we’re not doing another nationally web-coordinated Step It Up action (at least right now).  But that’s not stopping folks from keeping this movement going.  Some of the groups that first started organizing for Step It Up a year ago in preparation for April 14, 2007 are still going strong.  Not only did they organize amazing Step It Up 2 actions last November and generate thousands of invitations to politicians, letting them know that we mean business, but now they’re raring ahead with new plans and new actions of their own accord.

Many folks have teamed up with 1Sky to keep the pressure on their state’s senators and representatives with the Spring Into Action effort going on this month.  Others are ahead with their own local action plans, stepping it up even more.  And this is just what we need.  Despite all the amazing action and activity around global warming in the last year, Congress is still just limping along, hardly in sight of taking the action we need.  Presidential candidates are now talking a good game on climate (mostly).  But talk isn’t enough.  We need Congress to step it up and take action.  The only way to make that happen is to keep the pressure on and escalate this movement.

We’re also starting to see ever increasing victories at the local and state levels.  The latest: the Massachusetts senate passed a bill on Thursday, March 6 requiring 80% carbon emissions reductions by 2050 and emphasizing green jobs! The movement is having its effect, thanks to all the activists, citizens, organizations, and leaders stepping up in their area.  But we’re still missing essential national legislation and international action.  So a big thank you to everyone that’s moving ahead with new action plans, whether its under the name of Step It Up or not.

You might be wondering then, what it is that our team is doing, if not organizing another Step It Up?  We haven’t been idle this winter either.  Stay tuned for our next plan.  And in the meantime, feel free to keep in touch and let us know what you’re working on.


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