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Mayors Send a Message to Congress

Posted by Kelly on November 9th, 2007

This weekend, leaders of all stripes confronted Congress and let them know it's time for leadership at the federal level on global warming. Many of these leaders were all of you, who organized and participated in rallies in your hometowns, who invited your Congressmen to join you there, and tell you how they will be a leader on global warming and address the boldest plans out there. While you were rallying at home, 6,000 students rallied in Washington, D.C. and met with their members of Congress to lobby the on the 1 Sky priorities.

The third prong of last weekend's onslaught on Congress was the last event at the Mayor's Climate Protection Summit in Seattle.  Mayor Bloomberg of NYC, Mayor Diaz of Miami, Mayor Nickels of Seattle, and Mayor Palmer of Trenton, NJ all were witnesses in a field hearing for the House global warming committee.  According to Grist blogger David Roberts, "Committee hearings tend to be pretty staid affairs, but some sparks flew at this one".  After easily debunking the common arguments such as "addressing global warming would drive jobs overseas and hurt the economy", or "what about China and India?", the mayors in attendance drove the point home that they have stepped up in their cities and towns, and now need a federal partner on the issue.  You can read more about the hearing on the Grist, here.

Students, citizens, mayors...who else does Congress need to hear from to know this is a priority issue?

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