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A New Day

Posted by Will on November 4th, 2007

A new day is here, and we have much reason to celebrate.

We couldn't have imagined a better day yesterday -- this is a real movement we're seeing emerge.  What a joy seeing hundreds of action photos and reports streaming in on the website -- and more are sure to come it today as well. 

If you haven't submitted photos or videos from your action, please do so right away.  Click here.

Though a little rest is extremely appealing right now, we're also immensely energized by all the actions that took place yesterday and our experience of sharing the incoming photos with the thousands of students that converged at the University of Maryland for Powershift (www.powershift2007.org).  So we're going to be spending today printing out all the photos from your actions and getting them in the hands of the young people at Powershift.  And tomorrow they'll be helping us deliver all these photos directly to members of Congress. 

Be sure to add your voice of support by calling in.  Click here for more details about Monday's call-in.

Thanks to everyone for helping make Nov 3rd such a great success.  Stay tuned for more coverage and updates from yesterdays action.  You won't believe the energy from the speakers and crowd at the Powershift event last night -- video coming soon.

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