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Winter Action -- No Rest for the Weary

Posted by The Step It Up Organizing Team on March 10th, 2008

This is the second in a series of posts catching up the blog since our return from BaliÖ

January and February were more big months for the climate movement.  As the presidential campaigns gradually took over all the airwaves amidst the mainstream media, the climate movement has just kept on churning out action.

Focus the Nation on January 31st culminated with over 1,700 events around the country!  Way to focus, everyone, and congrats on rounding up such massive numbers.  With itís emphasis on students and solutions, weíre sure to start seeing even more new ideas and energy pouring forth from the youth movement, which is already swelling in incredible ways.

Remember Powershift 2007?  Now state-level Powershift conferences are sweeping the country.  Some are still in the works, so donít fret if you thought you already missed out.  But students havenít been sticking to conferences either.  There has been direct action, civil disobedience, and more.  Take a look at itsgettinghotinhere.org for all the latest dispatches from the youth movement.  The next wave of action is planned for April 1, Fossil Fools Day, which will be one of the first ever youth climate efforts coordinated globally.

And itís not just the students that are continuing to step it up.  1Sky had a successful Valentineís Day action and is now starting to get down and dirty with keeping the pressure on our politicians.  Check out the plan to Spring Into Action and sign up today.

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