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The Dream Reborn

Posted by The Step It Up Organizing Team on March 11th, 2008

This is the third in a series of posts catching up the blog since our return from BaliÖ

(Taken from the 1Sky blog)

On April 4-6 in Memphis, Tennessee, 1Skyís allies in Green For All are hosting "The Dream Reborn," a national conference bringing together community, nonprofit, business, and student leaders from across the nation.  Together we will commemorate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King on the 40th anniversary of his assassination and celebrate a new generation of visionary leaders.  By bringing together green-collar practitioners and advocates, we will exchange our best models and ideas, and we will provide a forum for learning about the new green economy in the spirit of Dr. Kingís dream for racial and economic justice.

This gathering has the potential to be a landmark moment in this new movementówith only five weeks to go, Green for All needs your help!

Hereís what you can do:

1) Register!

We expect this conference to fill up fastógo to http://greenreg.com/TheDreamReborn to get started. Also get your hotel room TODAY! Memphis will be packed on this historic weekend, and hotel rooms are going fast. On our website are the last hotel blocks available in downtown Memphis, but you must sign up no later than March 13th.

2) Spread the Word!

Everyone is welcome to register! Please note that in order to create an equitable green economy movement, Green for All is committed to prioritizing participation from working class communities of color. With that goal in mind, please contact your lists, show your friends the website, and do everything you can to get great people to The Dream Reborn.

3) Sponsor a Community Leader

1Sky and Green for All understand that working class people of color are the heart and soul of this movement.  Amazing people are coming to the Dream Reborn: trainers, policymakers, practitioners, entertainers, scholars, activists, and mentors of every kind. Itís vital that we can bring community leaders and youth of color to Memphis to make the most of this incredible gathering.  Yet too often, local nonprofits, community activists, and youth donít have the resources to pay for travel, lodging, and registration.  If you can spare anything to sponsor one of these community leader to come to the Dream Reborn, please lend your support.  Green for

All will link you up directly with the people youíre sponsoring, so you can hear about the difference youíre making.

In Memphis, we have the potential to create something incredible: the launch of an unstoppable movement dedicated to fighting poverty and pollution at the same time.  In whatever way you can, please join 1sky in working with Green for All to envision and create a green energy economy!

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