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November 3 Reports
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Our speakers were fantastic!
four of us met at Linda's house after the UO Rally at the EMU. We wrote letters asking for support from both Wyden and Smith for the Senate Bill calling for 15% clean fuel by 2020. Monday I called both offices and made appointments to deliver our letters Tuesday. The four of...
Anchorage Daily News article http://www.adn.com/news/environment/story/9430103p-9342268c.html
Talked to Bob Canner about Ethos. I was the only one attending. Now you know why it is so hard to get Congress to listen. Apathy!!!
I did not expect amyone except the neighbors cat to visit, but I had a steady stream of visitors. As soon as I finished one tour, there was someone else who came to see the solar system and a couple more where interested in the wood stove, house fans, and passive heating in t...
People from our cooperative spelled "Step It Up!" with our bodies - we were going to do a naked shot, but a cop rolled up and threatened to cite us all, so we had to change plans at the last minute. Bummer - but hey the event in general was a success! :) (I already submitted ...
It turned out to be a very casual "hippy" picnic day. I guess some people networked.
My roommates and a group of our friends walked to the farmer's market to pick up local produce for a feast including harvest salad, garlic and rosemary crostini, squash stew and balsamic beets, all washed down with Columbia-Valley wine. Our event was really about coming togeth...
Here's the group shot for the Tallahassee event
Jim Roth - OK Corporation Commissioner Darla: Thank you again for the chance to share in this day and this event. I am absolutely committed to moving Oklahoma in a most progressive direction and am working everyday to push for investments in: Energy Efficiency Progr...
There were many displays, some by children others by adult groups. There were talks, an expecailly interesting one was by the Crotched Mountain Foundation detailing their environmental initiatives. The organizers did a great job to create a wonderful event that I believe ed...
The speakers were great. There was enthusiasm. It was very well organized. I wish there had been more people there; I hope that situation improves in the future.
Just had my ENV101 - Intro to Environmental Issues Class do the plastic bottle count. Two hundred sixty seven (267) bottles reclaimed, recycled and kept out the landfill! Stephanie - THANKS for the photos!
We dug up blackberry root ball in a 1000 square feet of urban forest and sheet mulched 800 square feet in preparation for plantings. We had a jug band entertain us while we worked.
We toured the Santa Fe landfill and the recycling center, learned about natural systems design and will be researching current ideas and brainstorming new ideas of businesses that participants may start by using materials diverted from the landfill. By emphasizing local waste...
I would like you all to hear the truth. I drove 40 minutes to attend the event in West palm Beach where 20-30 people mingled as a speaker gave some information on the state of the oceans in a 1970's kind of timeframe. I have been in the environmental education field since ...
We viewed the powerful movie documentary "Corporation" and discussed it and other meaningful pertinent subjects.
A wonderful day of activism in the park! We had about 60 people join Greenpeace organizers in the park and write letters to Representative Darlene Hooley urging her to co-sponsor the Safe Climate Act. we were able to get everyone to sign a petition and make a call to her offic...
Power Shift, a thought provoking video presentation. Local activists and politicians sharing their efforts. Enthusiasm for the big and little efforts we all make to reduce our individual carbon footprints. These combined to make a very positive event that will yield changes...