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Event Report

Open Your Eyes

West Palm Beach, FL

November 3, 2007

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By:YouMayBeGreen.com YouMayBeGreen.com

We had a blast at the event and blogged about it! Check out our blog, as a well as a photo remix of the event at www.youmaybegreen.com.


By:Step It Up

Here's another photo compilation.

Action Compilation

By:Lisa Zern

The Jupiter Middle School Treehuggers were part of the awesome event set up in West Palm Beach. We did some face and "green finger" painting. We enjoyed talking to all the interesting people who stopped by and just want people to know that kids do care about the environment!

Jupiter Middle School says Step it Up!!

By:Jess Barnett

As an active GreenPeace Member and donator, I was very disappointed in the organization in this area of West Palm Beach. No one was there, there was no protests. There was like 30 people there, mostly high schoolers getting community service hours. It was really ashame.

This is it.

By:L Emerson

I would like you all to hear the truth. I drove 40 minutes to attend the event in West palm Beach where 20-30 people mingled as a speaker gave some information on the state of the oceans in a 1970's kind of timeframe.

I have been in the environmental education field since the late 70's. Whole generations have grown up with ecology curriculums and field trips..behavior change? conservation values and lifestyles? WE ARE OUT OF TIME. If you give any feedback to the membership, please communicate the immediate actions, choices that must be made, voices which must be heard...NOW. We do not have time for a chilled out Earth Day approach, which a local speaker at this event put forth. I will keep listening to Step it up and hope the lackluster approach at my local event was a casualty of South Florida disconnect.
Thank you.
i will keep my eyes on the

By:William Djubin

3 Local politcians including our Mayor Lois Frankle spoke about their commitment to the environment. A Fuel cell car was available to view. An Dr. Marr of Perry discussed the State of our Oceans. EarthRehab also displayed the Green License Plate for the Environment.

Dr. Marr of Perry Institute for Marine Science with the Founder of EarthRehab
EarthRehab explaining the Green License Plate campaign.
Dr. Marr of Perry speaks about the State of our Oceans

By:William Djubin

We 'EarthRehab' were invited to attend the rally on Thursday. I did a search on-line for local calendar mentions, nothing posted as of Thursday.
I posted for 6hrs. And invited Palm Beach Post, Sun Sentinel, WPTV, Hometown News, Jupiter Courier, all of which did not promote the Event.

If people do not know your schedule, how will they ever hear you?

I applaud Dr. Marr of Perry for speaking at such short notice while his Research Island in the Bahamas took a beating and is currently sitting in 3 foot of standing water.

I would be concerned for those who were invited, didn't publicize, and didn't attend.

All of those who attended and promoted should feel proud of your individual commitment to Nature and our Existence.

By:erika pollitzer

We took our 3 wheel electric E-3moto to the WPB Clematis event. Since it has space for 3 adults or 2 adults and 3 children, we were surounded by kids and especially woman who loved this spacy urban commuting steet legal electric motor driven cycle for shopping. It has a large Boot space for groceries. Good performance, 75 to 100 mile range. This is only a prototype but we hope to get into production soon. There should be more such events to meet with the public. Thank you.
Erika Pollitzer (Founder/President)
Resort Vehicles, Inc.,
561 514 3992