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As you move forward in your community organizing on the issue of climate change, check out the following resources from Step It Up. Originally in our Step It Up organizer headquarters, they were created collaboratively, with input from more than 2000 organizers around the country.

Feel free to edit, revamp or otherwise change what you see here to fit your campaign, and let us know if we can help in any way as you move forward in your community



Our Book.

First off, let us introduce the book that Bill McKibben and the Step It Up Team wrote that was recently published:

Back in June, the Step It Up­ team, along with help from April 14 Step It Up organizers all around the country, wrote a book to help folks think about effective organizing for the climate movement. Click here to check out the book's website, which has all sorts of links to other useful books, magazines, websites, and online tools.

And if you feel like ordering the book, rest assured that all the royalties will be donated to the movement. Happy reading!


Green Fingers of the world, Unite!

Imagine thousands of green index fingers held high across the country, each connected to personal reasons for addressing global warming and together symbolizing the need for one, united call to action. The green finger represents 1 Sky,  and in turn demonstrates widespread support for the 3 priorities we are all working so hard to call for. As organizers, we need your help and ideas to bring this to life!

Spread the Word: Involving More People.

If we're going to make a big splash, our events need to involve as many folks as possible.  Here are some suggestions about how to recruit more people to come to your event, and ways to get folks involved.

Also, click here to learn more about ways to spread the word online.

Be the News, Make the News.

Click here to learn how to get the news coverage you deserve for your campaign, from local papers to radio and TV programs to blogs. Here you can find out about pitching stories, creating relationships with reporters and look at some of the media advisories we created for Step It Up. We also provide a list of regional and local reporters in your area. Feel free to change and edit any of the information you find here for your own purposes.


Permits and Liability

Some rallies will require some sort of permit, and in certain situations you may want to have participants sign some kind of liability release form. If you have concerns about permits and liability, click here for some suggested local resources.


 Bannermaking 101


Making a banner helps get your message across. Check out our simple guide to making a clear, great-looking banner.



Printable Materials
We've made up some posters and other materials for you all to use for spreading the word in your community and at your actions. Some are Adobe PDF files which you can download, type/write in your own local action information, print out, and post all over town! Feel free to doctor these up for future use, or just for inspiration for your own handouts and posters.


Everything's Cool (the movie.)

Everything's Cool is a toxic comedy about the most dangerous chasm ever to emerge between scientific understanding and political action global warming. Watching Everything's Cool is sure to get your community fired up. Host an Activist Screening of Everything's Cool and move your audience to participate in national days of climate action, support the green jobs revolution, demand leadership that will change energy policy, or motivate your campus to go carbon neutral.


Bannermaking 101