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November 3 Reports
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Hard rain and 80-mile-an-hour winds kept most of us off the beach till Sunday. Although power and phones were out, Cape and Islands NPR was off the air and roads were closed by fallen trees--- a few of us got the word and were able to get to the beach on this gorgeous day aft...
Oh the Wind and the Rain! Saturday's Outer Cape climate events were reinforced by a Climate Event that brought gale-force winds, torrential downpours and power outages to 50,000 Cape Cod homes. We couldn't have invited a better speaker to get the message across ---Sustainabl...
Nymbers were small. I discussed my electric Fiero with many folks who saw that it was a step in the right direction for curbing gas powered cars and the carbon they cause.
we had a great time, with the help of some great volunteers last minite we held the rally at the steps of the capitol,with family and friends and new people alike we passed out information and got about 50 signitures and gathered alot of i...
Good old fashioned fun!! We had arts and crafts, a moon bounce, face painting, music, break dancers, a dj, local businesses, ice cream, popcorn, give aways, massages, Kutztown Univeristy clubs, local businesses, and Eco-walk, environmentally friendly organizations and a lot of...
We met in Ilus Davis Park, named after a renowned former mayor of Kansas City to honor a new age in the Kansas City Environmental movement, one that is inclusive of all people and one that is creative and fun. We met, listened to some great speakers, and took a group photo, an...
We had our event a day late due to the home game between Norte Dame and Navy. Both Notre Dame / St. Mary's and IUSB students marched from their schools to Down town South Bend. They were met by others waiting for them. Shortly after their arrival the event started. ...
Students, staff, faculty and community members gathered for an evening of various performances and entertainment. Our Open Mic Night included acts of music, poetry, stories, jokes, a great MC and more. Overall, there was much positive energy generated throughout the night.
Upper Marlboro, MD My event wasn't publicized beforehand, because it wasn't certain that we could have it. My church was having its annual fundraiser (dinner and bazaar) on Nov. 3, and there wasn't room for me to have a table there (and I had to help with the food, etc.) So o...
There were many tables/exhibits featuring everything from live roofs to line drying laundry to organic growers. Kids were asked to make pledges that would make a difference (mine pledged to turn lights off when she leaves a room). And there were some excellent speakers, the ...
we did not have a big turn out but had some good speakers and did get adequate press. It was a chilly day and windy so we had trouble with out banner ripping etc. However, I think it was a goodstart and we will continue the initiative. Or at least I will. I was there as ...
A very inspiring event featuring more than one elected leader really giving it to the Governor. I also loved the range of grass-roots environmental organizations represented at the tables. Vermont is really leading the way!!!
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Step It Up Green Bay was a HUGE success! We had representation from the Local, State, and Federal Governments! A big thank you to all of you for taking your time to join us and hear what the residents of Green Bay care about! Thank you to Paul Linzmeyer and Jeff Delaune as ...
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Local residents met Saturday November 3rd, 2007 at the Galesburg Community Center to view & discuss a PowerPoint Global Warming, 1-Sky, and Cool Cities. Additionally, the author of "Sustainable Operating Systems", Michael Richards, held an open forum where individual atten...
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These are some pictures from the event!
Folks met near a major bookstore in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. We showed off our fish to each other and the passersby. At noon, we walked (in pairs so as not to obstruct other pedestrian traffic) around the Inner Harbor to the Science Center on the other side. There we had a ph...
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