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November 3 Reports
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There are 642 reports.

A video of Michael Michaud:
We are activists from Students Organizing Students (S.O.S.), a social action club at CUNY Hunter College in Manhattan. As part of our Step It Up 2007 action to promote awareness about climate change, we rode the Staten Island Ferry dressed as polar bears. Staten Island is ofte...
We had a nice turn out for an icy-roads Saturday morning in Fairbanks. We talked briefly about the 1 Sky initiatives. Thanks.
We gathered on the steps of Brown University's Main Green to hear a state representative, a lead author of the IPCC reports, a student, and a graduate working for the Clinton Global Initiative speak about clmate change policy. It was a small gathering of about 30 students, and...
We had a very full and beautiful fall afternoon event. A great line up including high school & college student leaders, many local and state politicians and candidates. And, some great local bands.
On November 3, Bloomington stepped up efforts on global warming by pushing the discussion to new scope and depth. People came to participate in conversations with local leaders and experts on topics such as: peace and global warming, re-envisioning community, what we really...
Here are some photos from the event.
Instead of a one-day rally, we organized a multi-month rally across the state by printing a thousand yard signs with the message: "One Climate. One Future. One Chance." With the help of other Step It Uppers across Vermont, these yard signs are sprouting up all over the sta...
I had to check this out because it was less than a mile from me. Should've arrived earlier because the barn was packed! The whole place was cleaned up very well with the former milking parlor below the barn's main floor serving as overflow with tables, food and video screen of...
This photo shows our "green finger" message. In the background is a field of dead corn.
The photo shows four of the five hunters (myself included) posing counry-style at the back of a pickup.
Check out this awesome photo from the event!
Cheering for change By BRADEN WOLF/ THE OREGON DAILY EMERALD The University was home to multiple events on Saturday afternoon that featured cheers, chants and large groups of people committed to a common cause. Along with the football game at Autzen Stadium, approxi...
A doaen people showed their desire to slow global warming by riding their bikes.
Our "Bike to fight global warming" event was a great success! A dozen riders showed up, we rode a liesurely 4 miles in sunshine, and got our photo in our island newspaper.
Very interesting speakers, who represented environmental groups in VA, spoke at the university. I learned a lot about VA's environmental shortcomings. Taylor