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Event Report

Step It Up Terre Haute!

Terre Haute, IN

November 3, 2007

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Rep. Brad Ellsworth

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By:Rebecca Allen

Inspirational speakers, an encouraging public, and fantastic activists made our event a huge success.

Step It Up Rally in Terre Haute!
Interviews with the press
Love your mother!

By:Michael Wilson

About thirty dedicated demonstrators showed up to listen to four speaks including the organizer and the president of Indiana State University Student Government. Signs were paraded in front of the county courthouse to passing motorists and local media (press and tv) covered the event. We raised our green fingers in unity. There was a diversity in the age group.

By:Rebecca Allen

Our speakers were fantastic!


By:jo hyde

Over 30 people gathered at the Court House on the busiest street in Terre Haute with signs about global warming.
Several people spoke, from various organizations. I am a retiree that has been protesting the war almost weekly since the war began. Only a handful of students are interested in this cause, but the majority of the attendees at this demonstration were students. People from a couple of churches were represented, because I recognized a few from my own parish. I have not seen them at any of the anti-war demonstratons, however. A picture an article did appear in our local newspaper, The Terre Haute Tribune Star.