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Event Report

Maryland: Be a Leader on Global Warming Solutions

Annapolis, MD

November 3, 2007

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By:Cherie Yelton

There was an African tiger, a coral reef, a Komodo dragon,and a wee skunk. There was a "kid from Atlanta who is running out of drinking water" and a Canadian hockey player whose lakes aren't freezing up in winters anymore. This is how Broadneck High School students interpreted their mission to "dress up as an endangered species" and come out to ask Gov. O'Malley and the Maryland legislature to pass this Global Warming Solutions Act in the upcoming session.

Dave Prosten, chair of the Sierra Club Arundel Chapter emceed the event. City Alderman Sam Shropshire, sponsor of the Annapolis plastic bag ban, spoke about measures the City has taken to "green up" their operations. Karen Jennings, Green Party candidate for Alderman gave a scientific perspective of global warming's effects on the state.

After taking the main photo, about 10 people walked through the streets of Annapolis' Historic District and drew chalk lines where a 20" sea level rise will fall. The high schoolers had a great time standing on the street showing their signs to passing motorists: "Step It Up" and "Honk if You're Thinking Green." Even a hummer honked in agreement!

Step It Up Maryland - Pass the Global Warming Solutions Act this year!
This is the where the shores of Spa Creek will be with a projected 20-foot sea level rise.
The Broadneck High School Environmental Club dresses up as their favorite endangered species.

By:E. Kathleen Linville

Upper Marlboro, MD
My event wasn't publicized beforehand, because it wasn't certain that we could have it. My church was having its annual fundraiser (dinner and bazaar) on Nov. 3, and there wasn't room for me to have a table there (and I had to help with the food, etc.) So on Nov. 4, I spoke to about 50 people after church about global climate change, and got 47 of them to sign postcards and petitions to Governor O'Malley to "become a national leader on global warming solutions by committing Maryland to reduce its global warming pollution 20% by 2020 and 80% by 2050." This was an effort by Chesapeake Climate Action Network, who had led a town hall meeting in Annapolis the week before. My audience was receptive, asked a lot of questions, and our church will have future meetings. I plan to urge them to join GWIPL (Greater Washington Power and Light).