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Event Report

Step It Up 2007: Green Leadership

Farmington, ME

November 3, 2007

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The following politician(s) attended this event:
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Rep. Michael Michaud

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By:Amanda Hall

Local leaders who are pioneering green/clean/alternative products displayed what community memebers can do to help the environment with very little effort [how easy it is to save the environment !]. US Representative Mike Michaud was in attendance, along with the regional representative for US Senator Olympia Snowe. The Preseident of the local university was also in attendance, as well as several professors. The rally was held in a LEED green-certified building that is the first of its kind in the area.

By:Martha Spiess

Green Leadership, coordinated by Amanda Hall, 15 was attended by US Representative Michaud and a representative for Senator Olympia Snowe. It was held at the University of Maine Farmington campus and was attended by UMF President Theo Kalikow and UMF Professor Dr. Drew Barton. Several local businesses and organizations attended to display green products.There was also a Dot Survey, attendees could vote on local, national and global issues


By:Martha Spiess

Second attempt, resized photo submission


By:Martha Spiess

A video from the event:

Farmington, ME Action

By:Martha Spiess

A video of Michael Michaud:

Rep. Michaud speaks