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Event Report
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By:Miss Emilia

As the organizers of the Global Warming Burlesque, we would like to thank everyone who participated. Over 250 people celebrated with us. About 20 wrote letters to representatives. Many signed up to learn more about switching to wind power. Over 100 people created a collaborative painting called "Global Warming Is All Our Fault." Backstage, as performers gathered in our closet-sized area, we felt full of energy, very debaucherous, and very proud to spread the message to Cut Carbon 80% by 2050. There were glitter explosions on and off stage. There was a sexy science lesson to an petulant G.W. about global warming to kick things off, a space-odyssey universe performance by *BOB*, a "monsters for the ethical treatment of humans" puppet show, a tribute to dancing in the moonlight - without electricity, a rich lady from the missile dick chicks that urged us to NOT sign any petitions and NOT do anything to stop global warming, a very dirty coal mining scene where miners cut off the tops of mountains and then COULD NOT wash themselves clean...and sound clips between the acts - from Al Gore to SNL skits to coal company infomercials. Overall, there was a lot of chaos, but we were inspired by every performer, painter, photographer and artist displaying their work, and by the audience who we boogied down with afterwards. It was a great dance party, and an invigorating show for us. We can't wait to keep Stepping It Up!

Please keep checking our website for updates and more event reports... suspiciouspackage.info and globalwarmingburlesque.com
Miss Emilia, Flashpants, and Billy the Kid

By:Miss Emilia

Here's some pictures from the event


By:Miss Emilia

more pics below!

"global warming is all your fault" - the collaborative painting organized by Jsun Laliberte
"no such thing as clean coal" is what it reads across the butts