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Will Candidates Listen?

Absolutely, but only if we make enough noise and put the pressure on.

The 2006 elections replaced many committee chairmen on Capitol Hill with people who have an open mind on global warming. But that just allowed the debate to just begin.  Over the course of the spring and summer the conversation in Congress has begun to reflect more and more of the priorities we're talking about in the grassroots.

But still, most of our elected officials and candidates for federal office think global warming is a “third-tier” issue for their constituents—they don’t know that this is the greatest challenge confronting our civilization. And so they’re likely to act too modestly if they act at all—passing some new law that calls for only small cuts in carbon emissions and takes too long to get started. If we allow that to happen, the pressure for change will fade away, and by the time it builds again the scientists tell us it may be too late.

And let's not forget, November 3 is one year before the next federal elections, and most campaigns will be eager to get out see their constituents.  If we do our job right -- all of us -- at events all across the country on November 3 and find out who's a leader.

That's why it's especially important this time around that we invite all candidates for office, particularly federal office, to our events.  And don't want to just invite them once.  Keep the pessure on, and have your friends and neighbors invite them as well.