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Why not just have a march on Washington?

The day may come when thatís what we need. But we think that itís even more important for candidates and elected officials to know that the people back in their districts really care about this issue.

We also think itís going to be truly striking for Americans to turn on the TV and see their neighbors in places commemorating leaders of the past all across the nation.  Some rallies will commemorate our national heroes: George Washington, Ceasar Chavez, Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Dr. King, Rachel Carson, and more.  And more at places that invoke the spirit of local leaders as well: on church steps and in city parks, or at memorials for local leaders and the sites of a great acts of courage.  This is the America we want to honor and emmulate as we take on global warming and realize the opportunities of our timeóitís the America we dearly love.

Not only that, but staying close to home cuts down on carbon emissionsówhich is the point, after all.