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Event Report

Awakening the Dream Symposium

Boulder , CO

November 3, 2007

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Rep. Mark Udall

By:shana Parker

We had 75 people gathered for the Awakening The Dreamer Pachamama Symposium from 11-6. At lunch we took a video of people doing green finger and we handed out 1sky information. We acknowledged how we are all part of the shift in consciousness needed to chnage the dream/trance we are in.

By:linda selto

Our event was facilitated by pachamama.
They showed some great films and made the event interactive. Some of us did the green finger thing.
We divided into discussion groups .
The day flew by. I did not learn a lot but some situations were made more clear to me through graphs and other visuals. I got a lot of good reading suggestions.
I was inspired to not be discouraged. There is hope.
I am not good at estimating attendance. I think everybody signed in so there is a right answer.