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Event Report

Hull Climate Action Day

Hull, MA

November 3, 2007

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By:Karen Gravina

We met in the Life Saving Museum, it was stormy outside, it was well organized and informative, with selectmen from 3 towns, the talks were concise with Hull giving the carbon report, Hingham and Cohasset were represented and had their ideas about upcoming projects, innovations and funding for improvements in the energy field. We have 2 windmills and the electric co is researching offshore windmills and what the foundations would entail. I wonder why hydro power isn't used. It was a good, well planned event and no one droned on, the information was presented and everyone was encouraged to attend other upcoming events.

By:Ann Kenney

During a nor'easter on the ocean, many came out to attend and support the efforts of a wonderful lady, Judith Van Hamm. Hull has become a way for other towns to get to know about wind power. After listening to attendees from neighboring towns, we in Hull felt very good about ourselves. We learned that on this day our windmills were generating 50% of energy used by the Town of Hull. Judith did a wonderful job of putting together a program that was not repetitive in nature and spoke about all types of energy savers. I think our new main goal will be to get transportation to the commuter boat and train. It seems kind of silly to have both and not have transportation to them. A desalinization plant was mentioned and I hope not forgotten. Just think of what the people in a little town have started under the leadership of Judith Van Hamm.

By:Judeth Van Hamm

Braving a northeaster, about sixty Hull, Cohasset, and Hingham, MA, residents (standing room only) rallied at the Hull Lifesaving Museum to hear Selectmen and other town officials report on climate action progress. Hull Selectmen announced the results of a Greenhouse Gas Report Card and issued a call to action to cut carbon dioxide, by cutting home heating costs, enjoying the health benefits of walking and bicycling, and supporting the town's work to obtain zero-emissions trolleys. The Hull Light Municipal Light Board chair announced that during the storm, Hull's two wind turbines are making 50% of the town's electricity and went over the schedule leading up to a town vote in 2008 or 2009 to build offshore wind turbines to give Hull the capacity to provide all of its electricity at peak loads. The Hingham Selectman mentioned the friendly rivalry with Hull resulting in Hingham's plans for its first wind turbine. Cohasset is also collecting wind data for building a wind turbine. Hingham is leading the way in recycling and in building a LEED-certified elementary school. Cohasset's Alternative Energy Committee is exploring use of geothermal, solar thermal, sun pipes, and Tornado FuelSavers in municipal buildings. Sustainable Cohasset is selling cloth shopping bags, which is raising awareness of personal actions. Hull's school are earning money from Abitibi Paper Retrievers and are looking into recycling water and juice bottles. Sustainable South Shore invited residents to participate in Low Carbon Diet workshops. The rally culminated in a group photo with the Surfboat Nantasket as the backdrop and with students making green finger messages. The event witll be aired on Community Cable TV in all three communities.

For my school
Hull, Cohasset, and Hingham rallied to support local climate actions to save the planet at the Hull Lifesaving Museum where lifesavers once set out to save shipwrecked mariners entering Boston Harbor.
For everyone
For justice
For my children
For Doc T,

By:Judeth Van Hamm

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