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Event Report


Springfield, IL

November 4, 2007

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Press Coverage

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By:Will Reynolds

A dozen environmental groups hosted a Cool Town Meeting on climate change. Over 140 people came, making it one of the largest environmental events Springfield has had in years. Two elected officials and two candidates attended, plus the wife of a candidate for Congress. You can read a longer report here: http://www.thereisaway.us/

Speakers and audience members talked about many ways to take action locally. Several mentioned Springfield's example as a leader for the nation due to its clean energy agreement between the Sierra Club and the city that resulted in 120MW of wind power for the city, dramatic increases in energy efficiency programs and reductions in coal power plant emissions.
The event was held in the church Abraham Lincoln once attended that still houses the Lincoln pew.

Diane Lopez Hughes at the microphone opens the meeting.
A large crowd of over 130 attended.
State Journal Register nature photographer Chris Young speaks to the crowd.