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Event Report

Step It Up 2

New Canaan, CT

November 3, 2007

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The following politician(s) attended this event:

Rep. Christopher Shays

By:Renata Schwebel

Attended by about forty people, including the nine speakers. Supposed to be outdoors, but convened indoors because of weather. All speakers concentrated on local problems (both environmental ones and quality of life) that will be caused by the FAA Airspace Redesign plan. Final and main speaker Congressman Christopher Shays, the local Republican Representative. Not very impressive. Perhaps this event need not be posted on the web site.

By:Lela Florel

This seemed like a Republican political gathering. The unprecedented catastrophe of Global Warming was not on the agenda. The politician talked but seemed not to listen. It was government business as usual with no room for talk about the seriousness of Global Warming, alternatives, or needed political action. I would like to see Stepitup rallies actually focus on the larger problem of Global Warming and not be solely limited to local concerns.

By:Claire Stadtmueller

Hi, The focus of this event was the community's objection to the FAA's plan to have more planes, and then fly them over the airspace here. Yes, more planes in the sky adds to global warming, but that's really all that was addressed by speakers. Congressman Shays did speak about the need for high speed trains (yes), and how we are going to have to have more nuclear power (NO!)
I have written before to StepItUp, on the matter of educating folks about how their diet has more effect on the planet than does the car they drive. You responded that the focus for StepItUp was what elected officials can do re: clean energy. I understand. But I see in your sheet of "8 things you can do" that eating locally is listed, but not eating lower on the food chain. I feel strongly that StepItUp is missing a huge opportunity and need to educate. There are people who will never change, but those going to your web site are looking for ways to reduce their impact, and you need to tell them that the United Nations released their study in 2004 which said that animal agricultural had more deleterious effect on global warming than cars and airplanes combined. John Robbins ("Diet for a New America")who created EarthSave showed this years ago, and reading his book converted my environmentally-minded 65 yr old mother into a vegetarian overnight. Inflating one's tires is fine, but it does NOT have the impact that reducing the meat in one's diet does. Please reconsider.Respectfully, Claire