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Event Report

Step It Up Ventura County

Ventura, CA

November 3, 2007

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The following politician(s) sent a representative/statement of support for this event:
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Rep. Lois Capps

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By:Chrystal Klabunde

We gathered on the beach in Ventura harbor to see a 17ft tall "yardstick" showing how high sea level could rise by 2100, if nothing is done about carbon emissions.
US Congresswoman LOIS CAPPS sent a representative to read a rousing statement supporting the 1SKY PRIORITIES.
Ventura County Supervisor STEVE BENNETT gave his perspectives on global warming.
Ventura City Council Member BILL FULTON Spoke about Ventura's strides toward lowering the city's carbon footprint. Klabunde reported on various predictions of possible sea level rise.
Local experts explained how global warming works, what effect it has on bird populations and what we individuals can do to mitigate it. And a 13-year-old climate activist explained his work in the City of Ventura.
The crowd went home with new friends, new allies and new ways to contribute to the solution.

Many thanks to all who participated!!

Fearless organizers, Marianne Slaughter, president of Ventura Audubon Society, and Chrystal Klabunde, Programs Chair of Conejo Valley Audubon Society.
The enthusiastic crowd at STEP IT UP VENTURA COUNTY
US Congresswoman Lois Capps' statement supporting the 1SKY PRIORITIES was read by Vanessa Hernandez from her office.
Ventura County Supervisor STEVE BENNETT delivered a rousing speech to the enthusiastic crowd
Ventura City Council Member BILL FULTON explained the city's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. Ventura is very vulnerable to sea level rise.
A 17ft tall "yardstick" shows how deep the water could be by 2100 if nothing is done about carbon emissions.

By:Nancy Tosh

There were a number of speakers, including Lois Capps. It was sparsely attended while we were there but well set up.