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Event Report

2nd Annual Step it Up Tampa Bay

Largo, FL

November 3, 2007

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By:Melissa Meehan

Our event was held at a local solar power distributor, Solar Source.
A highlight of the event was surprise guest speaker, Shelby, a local 4th grade student who's been working on a global warming project in school. Her speech blew us away!
We heard from Largo Mayor Patricia Gerard, who recently installed a solar water heater and a solar pool heater on her home. We also heard comments from State Senator Mike Bennett, who will work to implement net metering to promote solar energy.

Step It UP Tampa Bay Solar Source, Largo FL
Step It UP Tampa Bay Solar Source, Largo FL

By:Tod Stephens

Event was fantastic! Very organized and informative. An outstanding presentation on Climate Change was given by 4th grader Shelby! Her presentation skills surpassed most of our elected officials in Washington.

By:Nikki Benoit

What a great event! Passionate global warming enthusiasts joined forces to show congress that true leadership is needed! 1 Sky/Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, as well as Suncoast Surfrider had information booths set up to educate and guide folks as to how they can help! Everyone left with the tools they need to contact their legislators about global warming.

Ready to change the world!!

By:Nikki Benoit

Florida Senator Mike Bennett and Melissa Meehan from the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy interviewed with Fox News the day before!

By:Melissa Meehan

Check out this Radio Spot from WMNF Community Radio 88.5 FM

This link downloads the entire newscast -- our event is covered about half way through.