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Event Report

Take Green Action Now

New Brunswick, NJ

November 3, 2007

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By:Angelica Redpath-Perez

November 3, 2007 was "National Day of Climate Action”. A rally organized by Angelica Redpath-Perez with help from Paul Redpath-Perez the organizer for the students at Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Step it Up (Political advocates on Global Warming), and 1 Sky(Coalition advocates on Global Warming Issues).

The rally sponsored by the Associate VP (Isabel Nazario) of Academic & Public Partnership for the Arts & Humanities, by (Leonardo Vazquez, Director) The Center for Latino Arts & Culture , and by (Angelica Redpath-Perez, President) Imagine Green Design Corp., the organizer of the rally.

At the rally more than 40 Rutgers students participated. While everyone inside the building was warm and dry, Aristotelis Jatrides and Bryan Estrella (both Rutgers students) played music to their electric guitars to recruit students to participate in the rally. We had a visit from Gene Marie Hartman, professor of Environmental Design Analysis.

Angelica Redpath-Perez the rally organizer presented a power point presentation about “How To Take Green Action Now”.
We watch many videos:
The Blue man Group “Earth to America
The “Green Finger collaborative Video aim to answer the questions of: What Are You Voting to Protect? Why are you committed to stopping global warming? What do you really care about in this world? http://stepitup2007.org/article.php?list=type&type;=45.
The “One Movement: Step It Up, Powershift, and 1Sky,
The “Everything is Cool”

The students collaborated with discussions about Global Warming. Christopher DiPiazza a Rutgers student talked about the “Polar Bears and How Climate Changes are Affecting Their Habitat”, Suzie Scher a NYC High School Student presented a power point presentation about “The Climate Changes and How It Affects Endangered Animals”. Greg Bowman the 28 year old President of Pure-Tek a solar energy company spoke to the students about the solar energy business and how his company contributes in positive ways to reducing Global Warming; how he founded and create a renewable sustainable company.

Students and participants discussed the problems of Global Warming and how it is everyone’s responsibility to educate others, write letters to politicians, and organize people and communities, and actively get involved in the practice of using alternative energies and learning about sustainable living. Petitions were signed by students and will be sent to congress. Solutions were written down on how to become involved in real change by engaging our politicians. Action driven solutions on how to exercise the political muscles of students, families and communities by making a difference and getting involved in the “Global Warming Political Agenda”

Rutgers University Students rally group. Students organized by Paul Redpath-Perez
Suzie Scher a NYC High School Student is concerned for "Animals"
Rutgers University student is concerned for "Our Planet"
Rutgers University Student is concerned for "Our Future"
Aristotelis Jatrides and Bryan Estrella (both Rutgers University students) played music to their electric guitars during the rally.