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Event Report

Step It Up Northampton

Northampton, MA

November 3, 2007

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By:Jared SNider

We all got together as a community and pulled together as human beings to take steps to communicate the importance and urgency of reducing carbon emissions 90% by the year 2030 in the United States. In this cynical time when our leaders have failed us in so many ways that have resulted in a very real threat to world peace and the existence of future Americans, it was encouraging and inspiring to see that the citizens of this country, if not our elected leaders, do care about the future of our planet, are ready to become committed to making real sacrifices and to do whatever it takes to enact real change in preventing the approaching ecological disaster that threatens all of our lives. I cannot let you know how this has helped fill the void of hopelessness that has been burrowed out in my heart by American apathy and governmental corruption. I can only hope that we truly do live in a representative democracy and that our leaders, recognizing their responsibilities, will ensure strong legislation that will enact immediate and REAL action on this essential issue. PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL! KEEP UP THE FIGHT!

By:Ruth von Goeler

Almost 100 people turned up for our rally, despite threats of rain and temperatures that felt like the 30's. What's more, we exceeded our goals and wrote a whopping 325 postcards to Congress, state policy-makers, and Presidential candidates!

The event opened with plain-clothed dancers (choreographed by Maureen Shea and organized by Penny Schultz) starting in various corners of Northampton, and dancing their way towards, and convening at, First Churches, the rally site. Two speakers, Margaret Bullitt-Jonas of Grace Church and Tina Clarke of Clean Water Action, inspired the crowd, while Andrea Ayvazian's powerful voice led us in song. Jenny Fleming-Ives of First Churches was our MC and hardworking host.

Perhaps one of the most inspiring scenes of the rally, however, was the tightly packed church foyer, where highly motivated participants sat, deep in thought while writing letters to our elected officials. Thanks to Gamaliel Lodge for expertly researching and preparing all the materials to make this happen.

Jason Threllfall, our professional photographer, once again documented the whole event (see photos below), and Joshua Boliver generously offered to be our videographer (clips to follow soon).

Though no members of Congress attended our rally, we were happy to see local Councilman, David Narkewicz in the crowd.

Thank you to all the volunteers and participants--planned and impromptu--who helped make this event such a great success. We can feel proud of what we accomplished today!

Almost 100 people attended the Northampton rally.
We wrote over 325 postcards to Congress state policy-makers and Presidential hopefuls.
Margaret Bullitt-Jonas addresses the crowd.
Dancers led by Maureen Shea showing their green fingers.

By:Ruth von Goeler

Here is video footage from the event.

Step It Up 2 Northamtpon, MA