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Event Report

Step it UP at the Minnesota Capitol

St Paul, MN

November 3, 2007

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The following politician(s) attended this event:

Rep. Keith Ellison

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By:Lathan Kistler

We didn't have nearly the attendance this year as showed up at the capital last year, but everyone who came got a chance at voicing their concerns. The 1Sky principles were discussed and agreed upon. We also agreed that better organization of the myriad environmental groups was necessary. Better communication is essential if we are to force legislation through Congress and action through the Executive Branch.

After the initial discussion and a picture (which should be up soon) Congressman Keith Ellison spoke. Keith addressed all the 1Sky priorities and encouraged us to keep the action going, to take our group and become a community focused on change. Now, we plan on organizing a candidate forum for the upcoming Senate race, change recycling problems with Minneapolis schools and continue to call for societal change.

By:Deb Alexander

I arrived late, too late for the photo, but caught Congressman Ellison's interesting conversation with the folks who came to the Capitol to talk with him, about what needs to happen, and how change can start with small actions by regular people. The crowd was of mixed ages, from grade school to seniors. Five Minnesota colleges were represented in the 18-25 set. He urged them to get involved, start an environmental group, invite some candidates to speak.

I asked him where we could find some trustworthy information about what might help address global warming and climate change. He suggested the Apollo Alliance had good information ...

Congressman Ellison spoke about the need for college students to form Environmental groups on their campuses and invite ALL the candidates to say where they stand on global climate change.

By:Laura Cina

There was a disappointly small turnout but in defense there was also the Bioneers Conference happeneing that drew a lot of environmentalists.

Yet despite a small turnout, Rep. Keith Ellison gave a VERY inspiring speech and helped to encourage many of us to organize some actions. I for one intend on following through with is suggestions and I hope everyone else does too. There was a lot of exchange of cards, so I think us few can major change!

By:Summer Hendrickson

Despite a small attendance, the rally was a success. Knowing that people were similarly gathering all over the country really made us a part of something huge. Rep. Ellison gave a very supportive and encouraging talk. Meeting people with this common goal was inspiring, and discussing solutions and ideas helped propel other actions.

By:Michael Cavlan

Oh wait, I think you all "forgot" two important things about this. One, there was another politician there, myself Michael Cavlan running for US Senate with the Green Party. The other little tidbit of info that you forgot to mention was the discussion on the complete sell out of so many politicians on this issue of global warming, due to the bipartisan influence of corporate money in our democracy.

Not to mention the issue of Al Gore and Clinton in starting NAFTA, GATT, joining with the IMF and WTO. Or indeed the Clinton/Gore Administration and it's involvement inn massive give-a-ways of OUR land to the mining and lumber industries and the 1996 Telecommunications Act, which furthered the corporate consolidation of our media.

Can I call that an "inconvenient truth?"

By:Laura Cina

If there was another politican there I sure wasn't aware of it, nor did I hear you speak out at all. So please don't accuse us of "forgetting", that's rude and now you kind of look like a liar or crazy or both.