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Event Report

Get it done Colorado Springs!

Colorado Springs, CO

November 3, 2007

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By:Steve Bremner

Under bluebird Colorado skies and temperature in the 70's, 150 people gathered for a relaxing afternoon on the grounds of the historic Rockledge Ranch on the Garden of the Gods.

The event began with a Native American ceremony to consecrate the ground. Everyone gathered in a circle holding hands while the ceremony was performed by a Native American in full feathered head dress.

On the stage speakers alternated with live music on the stage, while information on local ecological initiatives was available under a tent. As a break from the activities, guided half-hour nature walks into the "Garden of the Gods" were offered.

Live Music: Djembe Junkies
Gathering for the ceremony to consecrate the ground.
Native American Ceremony
Event organizer, Lucy Emerson-Bell, on stage
One of the speakers (in red coat) in conversation

By:Renee Hartslief

A beautiful event at Garden of the Gods...

Jeff Livesay - Colorado College
Howard Drossman (and children) - Colorado College
Jan Martin - Colorado Springs City Council

By:Patrick Sanchez

The event was well organized and held in a beautiful location which gave great meaning to the purpose of the Global Warming Event. the speakers were not only knowledgeable but effective in their presentation. the mixture of presentations, information booths and a great nature walk to remeind you why were there was something that should be repeated until the leadership in this country get it righr.

By:Mark Lewis

Gorgeous Colorado day in the park with temps way above normal. Informed speakers, great music, well planned event.

Step It Up Colorado Springs

By:Lucy Emerson-Bell

The event began with the Djembe Junkies and was followed with a native american ground blessing ceremony. There was a variety of speakers including Colorado College professors, Jan Marten a citycouncil woman, a storyteller, a historian, and ten forth graders who talked about posters they had drawn. There were petitions and carbon offsets. Thank you to everyone who came and to everyone who helped in organizing the event.