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Event Report

Power Shift 2007 Steps It Up in DC!

College Park, MD

November 3, 2007

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The following politician(s) attended this event:

Rep. Nancy Pelosi

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Rep. Chris Van Hollen

By:Robyn Liska

from across the country and brought literally hundreds of speakers and activists to the Univ. of Maryland campus to host 4 days of panels, talks, workshops, and lobbying activity to help us take the future of our planet into our own hands. Seeing the energy and passion of my fellow students created a fabulous feeling of solidarity and reinforced my conviction that America can harness the incredible potential of its most valuable resource- its innovative citizens- and alter the course of climate destruction we are currently on. Hearing the ideas, stories, new tools and effective communication tactics empowered me to boost my own efforts, and I was filled with a sense of privilege to be part of the Millennium Generation. What a wonderful way to unite our efforts in pursuit of a common goal, something so much larger than us yet which affects us all individually. We are going to be the solution to the climate change crisis.

By:rachel helferd

I attended multiple very informative speeches. The highlight of my day was hearing Ralph Nader lecture and later on having him walk right past me.

By:Ian Hough


Van Jones at Powershift