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Event Report

Burn calories, not carbon!

Carlisle, PA

November 3, 2007

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Press Coverage

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By:Mark Hosey

It was great. Signs were carried by walkers/bicyclists of all ages through the streets of Carlisle from Dickinson College to the center of town to the New Carlisle Farmers Market. At the Market, speeches were made, Cloggers danced, singers sang, musicians played. Petitions were signed & letters to National Leaders were ready to be signed & mailed by the Dickinson/StepItUp organizers. It was a nice turnout considering the College was having its Parent/Alumni Weekend, therefore, our exposure was to many out-of-staters as well. Only one person running for Congress was in attendance. Many pictures were taken, unfortunately, none by me to submit. Thank you for your efforts in putting this together!

By:Mark Hosey

50-75 people turned out for the bike/hike through Carlisle. Standout activists were rewarded with "symbolic Windmill trophies" at the local Farmer's Market.