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Event Report

Slowing the Global Warming Trend

Sugar Land, TX

November 3, 2007

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The following politician(s) attended this event:
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Rep. Nick Lampson

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By:Kraig Metzinger

Congressman Nick Lampson was the main attraction at the Oilpatch Democrats event Saturday in Sugarland, TX. Step It Up partcipants were invited to attend and participate, and did.

Congressman Lampson is a member of the House Science Subcommittee on Energy and Environment and he discussed various issues regarding enviromental and energy legislation. He stressed the importance of investing in education, small business, and NASA's scientific research as keys to helping to develop new energy solutions.

Congressman Lampson answered questions submitted by the attendees, and was soon moderating a very lively, informative, and productive debate.

By:Carol Shield

Had lunch and then Congressman Nick Lampson told us about what his committee is working on to help the environment
They are working on alternative fuels.
He drives a hybrid and US carmakers are behind with the rest of the world in low mileage cars.He also talked about solar energy being taken from the sun and tapped into homes

Sugarland Texas Stepped it up
Nick Lampson talking about Global Warming at Sugarland TX

By:Ariel Thomann

It was basically a political rally. I like the featured congressional candidate, would vote for him if I lived in his district. He was relatively well informed on some of the relevant issues; he totally disregarded others.

Overall I was disappointed in the nature of the event. One more like it and I'll ask you to drop me from your mailing list.

By:William Tarbox

The meeting I attended was originally organized by a group called "Oil Patch Democrats". Among other things, this group is concerned about sustainable energy production while protecting the environment. The president of OPD agreed to combine this meeting with the Step It Up Event.

Representative Nick Lampson (D) Houston area, TX attended this meeting and spent over an hour addressing the issues of advancing renewable energy, bridging the gap away from fossil fuels, global warming and many related issues along with answering a number of good questions from the audience. As Chair of the Energy & Environment Subcommittee these issues fall directly under his responsibility.

Overall, I was impressed with what Mr. Lampson had to say and pleased with most of his views on the matters of energy and global warming. Unfortunately, Mr. Lampson is far more progressive on these matters than other state representatives and this region of Texas (the district formerly held by Tom Delay) is NOT very supportive of his views on such issues. He seems forced to walk a carful line.