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Event Report

Step It Uptown in the Cloisters

New York, NY

November 3, 2007

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Press Coverage

By:Regina Gradess

Hurricane Noel made it's way north on the day of our rally. The usual Saturday throng heading to beautiful Fort Tryon Park in Upper Manhattan was thinned by decisions to go elsewhere because of the weather. But enough stalwarts were out to rally, learn about StepItUp 2007 and mark their index fingers green and their palms with promises of protection. Pictures were taken and sent to the participants to enable them to send in their own photos to the StepItUp campaign. Journalists and journalism students also attended and helped to spread the word. The CloisTers CommuniTy ClimaTe Change CoaliTion - StepItUp in The CloisTers was proud to join the national rally and pledges to continue. Bill Goldschein and Regina Gradess