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Event Report

Stop the Machine

North Hollywood, CA

November 3, 2007

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By:Allison Conant

We had an incredible day viewing the art of our future leaders. The students from Verdugo Hills High School made their voices heard and those who attended were impressed with their passion, dedication, and talent. We showed photography, visual works, and even had two aerosol artists in the back painting murals that said "Stop the Machine" and "Step It Up." Students did a wonderful job helping to organize and stage the event. Thanks to the NoHO gallery for their help and support.

Look for an article on the event in the Sherman Oaks Sun.

By:Lee Frank

The event was scheduled from 3-6pm. I was there from 3-4. I was happily apprised that high school teachers are working to awaken students of global warming and its consequences. The two teachers I talked to seemed lively and involved. The students wer mainly Latino and very much invested in an art of social consciousness and conscience. The attendance seemed pretty good to me, maybe 50 people while I was there.

By:Allison Conant


Check out this blog for a video of the event! We're working on uploading it to the site.

By:Alexandra D'Italia

Students, parents and involved citizens all came to enjoy student art inspired by the Thoreau quote, "Let your life be a counter-friction to stop the machine." More than 100 people signed the petition demonstrating their commitment to make America Green.

By:Joe Estrella

This event was great! I love the artwork that was created by the students of Verdugo Hills High School. I can say that I am proud of my peers. I really do hope to attend another event soon.

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Video from the event

By:Alexandra D'Italia

Here are pictures from our event.

Mural by Edras Garcia, VHHS student.
The Last Tree, drawing by VHHS student.

By:Step It Up

Check out this video from our event:

STEP IT UP 2007 V.H.H.S. Eco Art NoHo Gallery L.A.