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Event Report

A Second Line to Step It Up

New Orleans, LA

November 3, 2007

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The following politician(s) attended this event:

John Edwards

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By:artist resident

Thanks to the organizers who put on a splendid afternoon of informational displays, booths, tours of a green building with sustainable features that houses artists studios as well as the Alliance for Affordable Energy, and a permaculture garden. Highlight of the day was a rousing speech by John Edwards, who then joined in a joyous brass-band led second line to the Superdome, where all of the Red tshirt clad participants spelled out the words No New Coal and were photographed from above from a helicopter.

John Edwards speaks at The ArtEgg in New Orleans

By:John Atkeison

Local activists and political figures organized a very New Orleans Step It Up! Representatives of the local organizing organizations spoke about Global Warming and the attempt to switch gas-fired electric plants to coal- Aaron viles of Gulf Restoration Network and John Atkeison (organized Delaware for Step It Up 1) of the Alliance for Affordable Energy.
City Counclmember Shelly Midura spoke and introduced John Edwards. (Midura is the chair of the Utility committee of City Council, which is the utility regulatory body for New Orleans.)
John Edwards spoke well about Global Warming as the challenge of our generation.
The very, very New Orleans SecondLine Parade led led by Da Truth brass band strutted to the Superdome to spell out "No New Coal" for the arial photographer.
A good time was had by all.

"What the American Revolution, the Great Depression, and World War II were to their generations, Global Warming is to this and the next- except that we will determine if the world as we know it will continue to exist." John Atkeison, Alliance for Affordab

By:John Atkeison

No New Coal! at the Superdome!

Photo by Ronnie Blakeney / Spectral Q
Photo by Ronnie Blakeney / Spectral Q

By:Step It Up

Here's video of Presidential Candidate John Edwards at this event, courtesy of Karen Dalton at Huffington Post:

John Edwards at Step It Up 2 New Orleans

By:Casey DeMoss Roberts

We are very proud of how our event turned out. Attendance was great. We gave away all of our 200 red "Save New Orleans! Stop Global Warming" t-shirts. Our sponsors all had an opportunity to meet new members.

We served gumbo, BBQ, and Abita beer for our guests. We want to especially thank our friends, the excellent band "Country Fried" for playing our event. Check out their website at http://www.countryfried.net.

The speakers, Aaron Viles with the Gulf Restoration Network, John Atkeisen of the Alliance for Affordable Energy, Kenye Smith from the Mayors office, Councilwoman Shelly Midura, State Rep Candidate Deborah Langhoff, and of course Senator John Edwards were very impressive. Senator Edwards spoke about how to curb global warming pollution without hurting our environment or economy by cutting greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050, more green collar jobs, NO NEW COAL, and added that nuclear is not an option.

We want to sincerely thank our sponsors for this event including:
Gulf Restoration Network
Alliance For Affordable Energy
The Louisiana Bucket Brigade
Louisiana Environmental Action Network
Sierra Club Delta Chapter
New Orleans Group of the Sierra Club
Global Green
National Peace Corps Association
Tulane Xavier Center for Bio-Environmental Research
Advocates for Environmental Human Rights
St Bernard Citizens for Environmental Quality

Senator John Edwards leading the Second Line

By:Lauren Sher

Here are some more images from the second line parade!

Steppin' It Up!
Da Truth Brass Band
Here we are parading up to the Superdome to spell out NO NEW COAL!

By:Step It Up

Some More Pictures of John Edwards!

Edwards is talking about big change!
John Edwards lays out a simple plan for tackling climate change.

By:Casey DeMoss Roberts

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