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Event Report

*** Meet Senator Kerry at the Revolutionary Energy Rally***

Concord, MA

November 3, 2007

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The following politician(s) attended this event:
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Sen. John Kerry

Rep. Niki Tsongas

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By:Porter Haney

Honoring the brave Minutemen (and women) of the American Revolution, citizens of Massachusetts gathered at the Old North Bridge at Minuteman National Park to spark the American Energy Revolution.

Senator John Kerry, and the newly-elected Congresswoman Niki Tsongas spoke at the event. Senator Kerry said, "America needs at least 80% carbon dioxide reductions by 2050." Many state-level politicians spoke as well, including: Cory Atkins, Will Brownsberger, Jamie Eldridge, Jim Marzilli, and Pam Resor.

The importance of Climate Change was vividly documented over a hundred concerned citizens gathered around a tent (in driving rain) with the North Bridge in the back.

Let Step It Up and today's events be the "cry heard round the world" for an American Energy Revolution.

Energy Minutemen in front of the North Bridge.
Senator John Kerry and Congresswoman Niki Tsongas gather with an Acton Minuteman and attendants at the Revolutionary Energy Rally.

By:Dawn Olcott

John Kerry and Nicki Tsongas and others spoke to an enthusiastic crowd as the rain poured down. Considering the weather it was an impressive turnout of about 75 people from towns all over this region of eastern Massachusetts. More folks than that came by but left early due to the weather.

By:Kris Erkiletian

This was a fantastic event. I got to meet John Kerry for the first time as well as other local activists in the new environmental movement. VERY INSPIRATIONAL. Lets keep it going.

By:Ruby Kalinka

I was very impressed with Jim Marzilli's speech. He was very inspirational and passionate - all the officials were. It was really great to see people come, even in the rain, and support an Energy Revolution. Let's keep up the work and get the bill Senator Kerry mentioned (calling for 80% by 2050) passed!!!

By:kevin ellis

About 75 hardy souls braved the howling rain to get the message out. Sen. John Kerry and U.S. Rep. Niki Tsongas were right on time with Kerry saying we should have a moratorium on the construction of coal plants in the U.S. and the world. We gathered in the shadow of the North Bridge where the first shots of the Revolution were fired.