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Event Report

Blue Sky :: Foggy City

San Francisco, CA

November 3, 2007

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By:Aliza Wasserman

Step It Up San Francisco featured a carnival-like atmosphere complete with a Toss Out Fossil Fuel sock toss, sidewalk chalk, electric cars, and solar-powered smoothies. Eager for more government action around climate change, the crowd "gave City Hall the green finger" by stamping their fingers with green ink and symbolically pointing at City Hall.

Fliers distributed at the event highlighted that San Francisco is failing to meet 65% of its own climate action plan, and needs to immediately triple carbon reduction rates to get back on track. Step It Up San Francisco volunteer organizer Jerry Stone said, “It takes the momentum of a grassroots movement paired with effective policy to generate real change.”

Anti-war activist and Congressional candidate Cindy Sheehan discussed the need to reduce U.S. oil dependency to prevent climate change and stop wars waged for oil. Supervisor Aaron Peskin urged the crowd to vote "Yes on A, No on H" during this Tuesday's election to support public transit investments. Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, along with Mayoral candidates Quentin Mecke, John Rinaldi and Josh Wolf, discussed the importance of fulfilling San Francisco's Climate Action Plan and implementing an energy policy called Community Choice Aggregation. Mayoral candidate Ahimsa Sumchai called on the city to address the toxic pollution in the Bay View Hunters Point being recklessly caused by Lennar Corp and PG&E;'s toxic legacy. Mayor Gavin Newsom did not attend.

The event kicked off with a parade of bicycles, electric cars from the San Francisco Electric Vehicle Association and a carbon-negative car that runs on coffee grinds. The plaza featured a group of League of Pissed Off Voters artists painting a biofuel bus, a massive solar panel from Greenpeace that powered the event, and a carbon-eating mobile algae farm. Balloons and banners around the plaza were marked with the event's platform:
• City Hall must get back on track to meet Climate Action Plan
• No Coal, No Nukes, No Problem
• Cut Carbon 80% by 2050
• 5 Million Green Jobs Conserving 20% of Our Energy By 2015

The national Step It Up platform template was uniquely adapted by the San Francisco group of 17 endorsing organization – including Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility, Sierra Club Bay Chapter, and Rainforest Action Network - by integrating an opposition to nuclear power as a central part of its platform. David Jay of the Green Guerrillas Against Greenwash noted, “Let's forget for the moment about the general nastiness of uranium mining, the recent accidents and near disasters, the fact that nuclear waste is deadly for hundreds of thousands of years and is sitting around in containers that last 20, and the fact that no one has the faintest idea what to do with it. Economically, nukes don't work… Our leaders must recognize there are distractions, like nuclear, that we can't afford.” The San Francisco organizers even posted to the national homepage of Step It Up, calling on other rallies to echo their opposition of nuclear power. Dressed in a gorilla costumer, and slurping on a solar-powered smoothie made from local organic pears, Jay led the crowd in chanting “No Coal, No Nukes, No Problem!” A delicious way to spend the day and protect the few blue skies left in our foggy city.

No Coal. No Nukes. No Problem.
Cindy Sheehan Steps It Up

By:David Jay

A great event with great turnout! Thanks to a broad coalition of folks there was tons to see and do.

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Calling out San Francisco City Hall
The League of Pissed Off Voter's Biofuel Bus
Chalking against Climate Change
The Toss Out Fossil Fuels Sock Toss
Mayoral Candidate Josh Wolf

By:Heidi Erbe

StepItUp San Francisco Style was an amazing event. Participants dressed up in blue and biked across the city to the United Nations Plaza. Greenpeace, Sustainable Living Roadshop, SF Electric Car Association, League of Pissed Off Voters, and a variety of other NGOs were at the plaza to greet the bikers. Mayoral candidates and district supervisors addressed a crowd of about 150 about what they will be/are doing to fight climate change. Participants enjoyed solar-powered smoothies made by Greenpeace volunteers and played a Toss Out Fossil Fuels carnival game while listening to speakers.

Participants learned about the urgency of fully implementing the city's Climate Action Plan (which the city is currently failing to meet) and the importance of active participation by individuals.

Volunteers at StepItUp SF Style
Give 'em the finger
We vote green
Painting the bus
Step It Up Congress