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Printable Materials

Here they are! Some new materials for November 3.  Just download the files, get yourself to a printer, and print 'em out (on recycled paper of course) for the biggest, most educational Step It Up action you can put together on November 3.


We've made up some posters and other materials for you all to use for spreading the word in your local communities and at your actions. Some are "PDF Files," which you can download, type/write in your own local action information, print out, and post all over town!

You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to use these files. If you don't already have it (most computers do), click here to download it.

Getting the Word Out

  • Customizable Fliers - Type or write your information in, and put 'em up all around town:
    • Full Page Flier - PDF  - en español - PDF
    • Half Page Flier - PDF  - en español - PDF
  • General Step It Up Announcement - PDF
  • General Step It Up Announcement Black & White - PDF
  • Avery Sticker Sheets -for Avery Sticker sheet #6970 - PDF

Project Hotseat Materials

  • Postcard to Congress - PDF
  • Brochure - PDF
  • Call Flyer - PDF

Educational Sheets

  • What is Global Warming? - PDF
  • The Importance of Political Action - PDF
  • How to Step It Up and Organize Your Community - PDF
  • Personal Actions To Reduce Your Carbon Impact- PDF
  • What's With All This 1 Sky Stuff? - PDF 

Organizer Guides - from the Organizer Kit

  • The 9-Step Plan - PDF
  • How to incorporate 1 Sky into Your Rally - PDF
  • Sign-In Sheet - PDF
  • Visuals for your Step It Up rally - PDF
  • Guide to Making a Banner for your Rally - PDF
  • 1 Sky Stencil - PDF
  • Green Jobs and No New Coal Stencil - PDF
  • A speech by Bill McKibben