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Hi-res Images

This section contains high-resolution images available for download from our April 14th Day of Action. Just click each image to access the high-res version. ­




In New Orleans, following a traditional second-line parade and a speech by John Edwards, participants spell out "No New Coal" at the Superdome. Credit: Ronnie Blakeney / Spectral Q

The Step It Up Logo

The Step It Up Green Finger Logo


The 1 Sky Logo

 Photo Credit - John Quigley/Spectral Q

In Washington DC, thousands gathered outside of the Capitol Building  to create a "human postcard" asking Congress to cut carbon emissions "80% by 2050"

Photo credit: Lizzie Ford-Madrid

Approximately 500 citizens, students, and community leaders gathered  on the levee at the end of Reynes Blvd. in the Holy Cross Neighborhood in New Orleans, which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina and is rebuilding with a focus on sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. 


 Photo Credit: Craig Quirolo/Reef Relief
Sand Key Reef, Florida Keys

Photo credit: Tim Calabro/The Herald of Randolph
About 70 people attended the Step It Up Day event in the small community of Randolph, VT


Madison, WI: In front of state capitol

Over 1000 middle-school students spell out "Step It Up" in Park City, Utah.
Aerial Art by John Quigley
Photograph By Chris Pilaro/Working Films

Austin, TX

“Photo of Alpha Phi sorority at the University of Texas. We have approximately 180 members, and we are excited to help cut carbon! We wanted to show that it’s not just hippies who care about global warming! We all care!”