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Game Day!

Posted by Bill McKibben on November 2nd, 2007

I've just been to Eugene to speak, and it's hard to tell what the town is more excited about: the upcoming Step It Up rally, or this week's football game, which is the college game of the week and will draw the nation's TV cameras to Autzen Stadium tomorrow afternoon. We're agnostic in the gridiron battle between the Ducks and the Sun Devils of Arizona State, but we know what the greatest halftime show in the country will be. It comes from ace organizer Mary Wood, and is a metaphorical tour de force!:

The Biggest Kickoff in Human History*:

Hi football fans! Here in Oregon weíre known not only for our great football team but also for being the Green State.   Letís show the nation that Duck fans are not ducking the issue of global heating!

Fans, climate crisis is the playoff we just canít lose.  Our home turf is on the line.  The points against us wi≠ll be lost lives and shattered prosperity for generations to come.   

The clock is running.  We've used up all of our time outs.  It's third down and we have a lot of yards to go. 

The world's climate scientists have had their huddle and theyíve given us a game plan.  We have to tackle carbon emissions.  In two years we'll need to cap those emissions and be on our own 10-yard line in 2010.  Then we'll keep pushing back those emissions over the decades.  The goal is to bring down carbon 80% by 2050.

We will need to break right through that defensive line of deniers and delayers.  We will need to run interference on the oil companies, and block new coal plants.  We'll have to rely on our receivers for some big plays -- I'm talking about solar receivers! 

We want touchdowns, not tipping points!  We want stadiums filled with football fans, not hurricane refugees.  Itís up to us.  We canít punt this one. ≠

But we need an umpire and referees on this field.  We need rules to this game.  Where is our government?  Where are the officials?  We know where they are.  They're still back at the tailgate. They're presiding over the biggest barbeque in the history of Humanity.  We need to get them out of their fantasy league, onto the real field, now, before the clock runs out on us!  

Fans, there's no spectators in climate crisis.   We need all of you on this field.  We need quarterbacks, line-backers, tackles, and safeties.  We need the greatest offense and defense of all time! 

We're handing off the ball now to every one of you.  Take that ball and run with it.  Don't slow down.  Make a pitch to others whenever you see an opening.  Bring players in off the sidelines.  Above all, keep your eyes on the goal.  

We are all part of Team Humanity, in it together, and together we're unbeatable, because we're playing to win the biggest trophy of all - climate security for our families, our children, our communities.

So letís all get behind the biggest kickoff in human history.  Go Ducks!  Letís beat those SUN-Devils!

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