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YouTube Uploading Guide

How To Include Videos In Your Event Report

Got some videos from your event?  Great!  If they need to be edited first, you can use easy software like Windows Movie Maker or if you're using a Mac, iMovie.  Once that's done, you should get them up ­on YouTube.com 

Here's how:
Follow the five steps below, and your videos will be up on YouTube in no time.

Step 1 – Register to Be a User On YouTube
YouTube registration is quick and painless. Click here to begin: it only takes a minute, and you just need to provide some basic info.

Step 2 – Upload Your Video to YouTube
Click the upload button in upper right-hand corner--like this:

You'll then be taken to this page where you can add a title, description, and descriptive tags.  It'll look like this:

Once you click upload your video, you'll be taken to the following page where you can locate your video file on your computer:

Step 3 – Find and Copy Your Video's Embed Code
The “embed code” is a weird piece of computer code that we need to include the video on our website.  To copy it, go to your new video's main page.   Make sure the embed code is highlighted and press “Control-C”or right-click the highlighted text and press “Copy,” like this:

Step 4 – Paste the Embed Code in Your Event Report
When you've got the embed code “copied” you should come back to your event report page and paste it into the box by pressing “Control-V” or right click the blank space in the box and press “Paste”

Step 5 – Finish Your Report and Share it With the World
That's it—you're done!  Now we can show the world what happened in your community on November 3rd!