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Green Fingers

What Are You Voting to Protect? Why are you committed to stopping global warming?  What do you really care about in this world?




Photo: At every Step It Up action, there will be a green stamp pad that can be used to green all the index fingers of everyone attending the action, and take a photo with fingers held high. 

Video: You can ask everyone to record on their hand what they are voting to protect when they  organize around global warming and record individual attendees’ responses.


Share your video and photo responses, to connect with the rest of the grassroots movement engaged in fighting global warming across the country. Head to YouTube to upload your video responses: http://www.youtube.com/video_response_upload?v=6I0vY6g3iJ0

Imagine thousands of green index fingers held high across the country, each connected to personal reasons for addressing global warming and together symbolizing the need for one, united call to action. The green finger represents "1 sky,"  and in turn demonstrates widespread support for the 3 priorities we are all working so hard to call for. As organizers, we need your help and ideas to bring this to life!

We need people to keep posting responses all the way up to Election Day 2008--even though our National Day of Climate Action will have come and gone by then, other initiatives will continue.  One particularly exciting venture is the 1 Sky Campaign, which aims to bring the climate movement together around a central vision and set of priorities.